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    downsizing after retirement
20 May 2024

Downsizing After Retirement

Get the Most out of Your Golden Years with Hometown Australia

Why downsize after retirement? Because you’ve worked hard. After decades of dedication and unwavering commitment, you’ve more than earned your retirement. Downsizing allows you to get the most out of your golden years, making the most of all the time you’ve freed up now that you’re out of the nine-to-five grind. Hometown Australia’s over 50’s* lifestyle homes for sale are your shortcut to a downsize that allows you to embrace freedom, simplicity and adventure.

Financial Liberation

Excess square footage is the easiest way to eat into your retirement budget. With larger houses come larger maintenance costs. Your family home tends to be on the older and bigger side, and all those empty bedrooms equal hard work. Whether it needs a rewire, the roof needs repointing, or it’s just in need of a spruce-up, all the upkeep is a drain on your time and wallet. The downsizing homes for sale at Hometown are either shiny and new or in excellent second-hand condition. You can breathe a sigh of relief — there’s no shed with asbestos or possums in the roof to worry about here.

Plus, there are many other financial reasons to downsize to a land lease living community beyond simple maintenance costs. You can say goodbye to council rates when you buy into one of our over 50’s* lifestyle villages in New South Wales, Queensland or South Australia. If you’re receiving a government pension, you can also receive ‘rental assistance’, which you can put towards your site fees — saving you even more money. There’s also no stamp duty for pensioners and over 50s* downsizing to a Hometown community, from NSW to SA. Avoiding stamp duty puts tens of thousands of dollars back in your bank balance, ready for you to spend on the finer things in life.

Serenity in Simplicity

Now that work isn’t taking up the vast majority of your time, you have a moment to focus on what really matters. Downsizing naturally means you’ll need to consolidate your possessions. Retirement gives you the time and the reason to finally clear out that cupboard of clutter and bring only the good stuff with you. Going from four bedrooms to two gives you an excuse to donate anything that doesn’t spark joy, reducing your stress. While downsizing will mean culling a few spare rooms, it doesn’t mean saying goodbye to hosting. With all the extra time you’ll have to spend with family and friends, we understand how important it is that you still have room for guests. That’s why our over 50’s* lifestyle villages in South Australia feature plenty of houses with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a multipurpose room. Our home designs allow for flexible living, so you can have a designated guest bedroom for your loved ones to stay and they’ll even have their own bathroom to use! With Hometown you can make retirement your season of entertaining.

When you simplify your life during retirement by downsizing, you’ll have time to concentrate on your hobbies. Without work, cleaning, gardening and home maintenance taking up so much of your time, you’ll be able to get back into what you love and finally have the time to discover a new passion. If you like staying active, you can visit your community pool, gym, lawn bowl green, or tennis court as often as you like. If you’re into films, there may be a community cinema available for you to start up a movie club. Downsizing into a Hometown Australia community can give you the kind of lifestyle you’ve never had time for before.

Time for Adventure

When you’re growing your career or raising a family, it can be almost impossible to find time for travel. Downsizing when you retire gives you huge scope to go on all of those adventures you’ve been dreaming of.

Selling your family home and downsizing into a Hometown community will give your budget the boost it needs. Our land lease living model allows you to buy a chic, modern home in a desirable location — but for less. Add on all the savings (bye, stamp duty!), and you’ve got a tidy adventure fund ready to go.

We like to consider our lifestyle homes as ‘lock and leave’ ready. With neighbours who know you, you can feel secure in knowing you can safely lock up and head off on your next trip. Without a big garden, lawn, or pool to maintain, you can flexibly travel without returning home to a disaster. When nobody has to look after your home in your absence, the whole world becomes open to you.

Plus, now that you’re retired, why not downsize somewhere fun? Offering over 50’s* lifestyle villages in Queensland, we have plenty of communities in desirable tourism areas. With locations in Noosa and on the Gold Coast, retirement is the time to move to your favourite holiday spot.

Social Connection with Security

While we’ve described a number of reasons you might downsize in your retirement, there’s one that’s unique to Hometown: the community. Hometown Australia is specifically catered to those over 50*, meaning you’ll be downsizing into a community of similarly-minded people around your age. Creating much-needed social connection, it’s easy to make friends when you’re living in a vibrant, walkable community.

In this age range, you’re more likely to meet new people who’ve also just retired. Spend time with people who understand your stage of life, and have fun with new neighbours who are also free for a coffee and a chat midweek.

Plus, with Hometown Australia’s incredible community engagement, you’ll feel more secure. Perfect for retirees who live alone — perhaps for the first time in their life — downsizing into a Hometown Australia’s community will give you a sense of wellbeing and peace. Your neighbours won’t be too far away, and you’ll be living in a community that knows you and cares about you. As a retiree living in your family home, you might be the only person on your street who’s around during the day. In a Hometown community, you’ll be living somewhere less isolated.

Downsize in Style with Hometown Australia

With gorgeous communities in New South Wales, Queensland, and South Australia, there’s a perfect Hometown Australia location for your golden years. Free up some equity to fund your retirement, ditch the unneeded bedrooms while keeping room for guests, go on some adventures and join a thriving community.

Find your dream downsize today, or get in touch to find out how Hometown can give you a new way of living.

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There are many ways to live in a Hometown community

New HomesYou have the option to customise your home and make it yours, with a choice of facades, colours and finishes.
New HomesYou have the option to customise your home and make it yours, with a choice of facades, colours and finishes.
New HomesYou have the option to customise your home and make it yours, with a choice of facades, colours and finishes.
New HomesYou have the option to customise your home and make it yours, with a choice of facades, colours and finishes.

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