Beautiful properties, privacy, security, accessibility, comfort and luxury, these are just some of the perks living in an over 55s boutique-style community, but that’s not all.

A land lease community can also provide you with serious savings when it comes to fees usually associated with buying and selling residential property.

For many, the thought of losing money on stamp duty and exit fees when they move is worrying and may delay the decision to sell the family home. This is where a land lease community changes everything.

What is a land lease community?

When you purchase a property in a land lease community, you own 100% of your home. The difference between a land lease property and a standard residential property is that you lease the land the home is built on. Leasing the land means that you  own the dwelling but lease the land it stands on under a secure site agreeement.

As you’re not purchasing the land, land-based fees are covered by your site fees. This means no extra body corporate or water rates. However, as the home belongs to you, you can modify it as you see fit (after gaining approval). Not only that, but if you choose to sell your property, you keep 100% of all capital gains.

In summary, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Absolutely no stamp duty
  • You own your own home
  • There are no exit fees
  • You can retain all capital gains
  • Eligible homeowners can receive rent assistance
  • You can enjoy affordable luxury

It’s easy to see why land lease communities are becoming even more popular in Australia. They allow individuals to release the value of their home and live an improved, more comfortable lifestyle.

How to avoid stamp duty

Land lease communities provide unique ownership models. These allow you to lease the land whilst owning the home. For many who are downsizing, site fee rent assistance may also assist in further reducing the cost of living.

The way to avoid these excessive stamp duty charges is to downsize into a land lease community. As land lease communities incur zero government charges during the purchase process, such as stamp duty, significant savings can be made. Hometown Australia land lease communities also have no exit fees. This makes it an extremely affordable and attractive housing option for over 55s.

How to avoid exit fees

There is a misconception that a land lease community is the same as a retirement village. However, there are major differences between the two. For a start, it is common for a retirement village to charge a deferred management fee or exit fee equal to 30 – 50% of the home’s value when selling.

When you sell your property in a land lease community, you keep 100% of the capital gains. This is because you own the home and simply lease the land it stands on. Retirement villages often take a percentage of the proceeds, reducing the total amount that you will receive when you sell.

At Hometown Australia’s over 55 lifestyle communities, exit fees do not enter the equation. This means that you not only save money when purchasing a Hometown Australia land lease community property but also when you sell it and these savings are only the tip of the iceberg.

Other features of a land lease community for the over 55s

When you purchase a property with Hometown Australia, government regulations provide full protection against your investment should the company change hands. This means that you can rest assured that your investment will remain safe and secure at all times.

When taking a look at the types of fees you will be responsible for these are typically standard. As a homeowner, you will pay for the utility charges, such as gas, water and electricity usage. You will also need to pay for any additional services used, such as pay TV and the internet. Lastly, site fees are also the responsibility of the homeowner.

Land lease community savings

If you are looking for a way to avoid paying exorbitant stamp duty fees and are aged over 55 years old, Hometown Australia is the way forward.

You have undoubtedly worked hard throughout your life to purchase your property. For many, the thought of having to hand over tens of thousands of dollars in stamp duty and fees is an off putting one.

However, now you know that it is possible to avoid stamp duty, you can downsize with ease. Savings are abundant. Zero stamp duty. Zero exit fees. 100% capital gains profit. It is a win-win situation.

Hometown Australia has several lifestyle communities, including Newport Village, Sunrise Lifestyle Resort, Lakeside Lifestyle Community, Lake Macquarie Lifestyle Community and Green Wattle Villages with many more to come!

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