Land lease

What is a land lease?
Land leases are secure site agreements where you own your home but lease the land the home is built on. Site agreements are regulated by the relevant legislation in each state. In New South Wales, this legislation is the Residential (Land Lease) Communities Act 2013. In Queensland, the relevant legislation is the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Act 2003.
Is a land lease a secure investment?
Definitely. Hometown Australia must comply with all relevant government legislation in each state.
What happens if the community is sold to another organisation?


In the unlikely event that a Hometown Australia community is purchased by another organisation, your investment is still fully protected by government regulations. Your agreement cannot be terminated without your consent.

What land-based fees do I pay as a resident living in a Hometown Australia community?


There are no strata or body corporate fees.


Will I have to pay stamp duty?
No! The purchase of a home within a land lease community is exempt from stamp duty.  This means a significant saving when you buy a home inside a Hometown Australia community.
What fees and charges will I be responsible for?


Homeowners are generally responsible for;

  • Site fees
  • Utility usage charges (i.e. electricity, water and or gas usage)
  • Storage of a caravan, boat or trailer (subject to availability) and,
  • Any other user pay services such as internet or cable television.
Am I eligible for governmental rental assistance?
You could be. For more information on rental assistance, visit: www.humanservices.gov.au/rentassistance
What age do I need to be to in order to move into a Hometown Australia community?
Hometown Australia communities are designed specifically for the over 55s.   
What does the application process for moving into a Hometown Australia community involve?
Upon applying to purchase a home, new residents will be interviewed by a Hometown Australia sales associate and or community manager. Depending on your location police checks will be conducted and agreements stating that you understand all community rules will need to be signed.
What happens if I decide to sell my home?
Should you decide to sell your home, you may do so through a private sale, licenced real estate agent, or utilise Hometown Australia’s home sales services. Best of all, because you own the home, you keep 100% of capital gains earned.
If I do sell my home, will I be charged an exit fee?
No. Hometown Australia does not charge exit fees.
Am I able to leave my home to loved ones?
Yes. Your home is a willable asset. If a loved one takes over ownership of the home and wishes to reside there, they will need to be over 55 years of age and enter into a new Site Agreement.

House rules

Are friends and family welcome to stay for short periods?
Of course! Short stay guests are always welcome. And no visitor fees apply.
Are my pets welcome?
One small animal per household is permitted at most Hometown Australia communities. We suggest you contact the individual communities to learn more about our pet policies.
Are there any restrictions on the use of common facilities?
Homeowners and their guests are welcome to the use of all common facilities during posted hours of operation. Homeowners must accompany, and are responsible for, their guests when using any of the facilities. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied and supervised at all times.
How does parking work inside Hometown Australia communities?
All vehicles belonging to homeowners or visitors, must be parked on the driveway at all times. At no time are vehicles to be parked on, or encroach upon community roads. Designated visitor car spaces are also available.
I’m an auto-enthusiast, am I able to work on my car on the driveway?
While washing your car is allowed on the driveway in most communities, vehicle maintenance is not permitted to be carried out within the community. Some communities contain specific designated areas for car washing.
Am I able to add items such as a carport or garden shed to my home?
Items like carports, garden sheds and clotheslines are usually supplied as part of your complete home package in compliance with applicable local and state government regulations. Any additional items or alterations must be applied for and approved in writing by Hometown Australia.
How is mail delivered inside of the community?
Depending on the community, mail is either delivered directly to your home by Australia Post or to conveniently located designated mailbox areas.
Can someone else live in my home?
The only people who can live in your home are those who are listed as occupants on the residential site agreement. Moving additional occupants into the dwelling requires the Hometown Australia’s consent and the amendment of the existing residential site agreement.
Are pushbikes permitted within the community?
Yes. Pushbikes are allowed inside Hometown Australia communities so long as helmets are worn at all times in line with RMS requirements. Children on pushbikes must always be accompanied by an adult. Skateboards and rollerblades are not permitted.

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